Hi! I’m Aurora 

Founder of Insieme Luxury Travel

Insieme was born out of my Italian heritage, deep yearning to explore, and a longing to create a legacy through travel.

Both my parents were from Italy, and as the eldest of three daughters I’d say we were your typical boisterous Italian family. Family always came first, and I learned early on how dearly important it is to nurture life’s most precious relationships. 

Family still comes first today—but travel is a close second! Thanks to my husband’s on-the-move career, I’ve packed up my family and relocated to four different countries over the span of 16 years, spending 4 years each in Italy, Ireland, Spain, and Turkey. Our expat life saw the birth of our second son in Dublin and the adoption of our youngest daughter from Kazakhstan. We spent long weekends exploring the Alhambra, popping in and out of centuries-old pubs in the Irish countryside, and—on one particularly brave trip—driving with two kids and a baby all the way to Morocco from Madrid.

We didn’t merely travel—we lived

Locals turned into life-long friends. Iconic landmarks turned into neighborhood signposts (“turn right at the Piazza del Duomo”). And while we didn’t collect a lot of “stuff”—not advised when you make so many international moves!—we collected so many joyful memories.

As I plan travels for my clients today, I rely on my “expat” perspective to build truly singular itineraries. My goal is to design an escape that allows you to integrate into your destination—not merely graze the surface. An escape that gives you the space to laugh and discover freely with your loved ones, away from the constant demands and pressures of daily life.

One thing my 16 years as an expat has taught me is how to travel with confidence. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or unsure as I begin planning a trip to a new destination, I can barely contain my excitement! Language and cultural barriers fall away and creating connections becomes second nature.


This shortcut to connection is what I share with you.

If you yearn to connect with your destination, with fascinating cultures, and—most importantly—with each other, I invite you to travel the Insieme way. Our customized planning approach and relationships with fabulous in-destination travel partners allow us to craft authentic itineraries that unfurl seamlessly.

So you can travel confidently, all together.  


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